A Frightfully Easy Fundraiser!

Here’s how it works…

Starting Wednesday, October 25th through Thursday, October 31st (seven nights), from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., Sudsy’s Car Wash will be open exclusively for the Tunnel of Terror Haunted Car Wash. Car Washes will be $20 each with a different designated charity or civic organization each night receiving 40% of every purchased wash -- plus 100% of any additional donations collected.

There are two requirements for an organization to participate… 

  1. Help spread the word about your night.

  2. Prepare for a ghastly good time!

    Find five or more volunteers (16 years old or older) willing to dress up and have a great time scaring guests and handing out candy on your designated night!

As an example of how much money your charity could earn:

  • Wash 100 cars and receive $800 + donations

  • Wash 150 cars and receive $1,200 + donations

  • Wash 225 cars and receive $1,800 + donations

  • Wash 300 cars and receive $2,400 + donations

    (Sudsy’s is guaranteeing $500 minimum for each charity participating!)


+++ On November 1st Sudsy’s staff will select the “best costumes” of the seven participating charities and add an extra $500 donation to their proceeds!

A few pictures from our 2018 Tunnel of Terror…

If you’re interested in being one of the designated charities, simply fill out the form below (about 3-minutes). Application deadline is Wednesday, October 2nd at midnight (midnight…what a creepy coincidence!) with the seven selected participants for each Sudsy’s location announced on Friday, October 4th.

To be considered, applicants must be a legitimate charity organization or civic community group (for example: a recognized school athletic group or school club, organized community sports teams, organized church mission or project, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, etc.). You can email if you have questions about your organization.

Multiple submissions do NOT increase your chances of being selected. Please submit one application per organization. 

Read all terms and condition below the form.

Apply Here…

Please select one location. Available at Columbia and Spring Hill locations only.
Contact Name *
Contact Name
Cell Number *
Cell Number
Select each night your organization would be available? *
You will be selected for ONE NIGHT ONLY. The more days you are available, the better your chances at being selected!
For example: posting to social media; handing out flyers; reasonable efforts to help spread word-of-mouth; make announcements at upcoming meetings or live events; etc.
All volunteers should wear a modest and scary costume.

*Due to limited availability and depending on the number of submissions, submitting an application does not guarantee your organization’s participation in the event . You will be contacted on or after October 4th at the email you provide if you are selected as one of the seven participants. Thank you for your interest and good luck!


Details, Terms, and Conditions:

  1. Event: Sudsy’s Tunnel of Terror Haunted Car Wash

  2. Date: Friday, October 25 – Thursday, October 31 (different benefiting charity each night)

  3. Time: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

  4. Wash Package: $20 Mighty Duck car wash will be the ONLY wash available during the event. No vacuums, towel service, glass cleaner, prep service, etc. will be available during the event.

  5. Charity Proceeds: Selected organizations will keep 40% of every car wash purchased, plus 100% of any additional donations, on their designated evening. Additional donations will be accepted by cash or credit card at the XPTs (self-service pay stations)

  6. Sudsy’s Will Provide: In addition to providing the actual car washes and staffing to safely operate during the event, Sudsy’s will provide the following:

    Marketing & Promotion

    • Sudsy’s will post onsite signage leading up to the event, including yard banner and POS signage.

    • Sudsy’s will post regularly on their social media channels.


    • Sudsy’s will provide appropriate paid staff to safely and effectively operate the car wash during the event. Sudsy’s staff will be in appropriate costumes.


    • Sudsy’s will give 40% of every POS car wash purchased during the event to the respective charity designated each evening. Additionally, Sudsy’s shall set-up their POS system to accept additional cash or credit card donations from guests with charity receiving 100% of those proceeds on their respective night.

    Site Decorations

    • Sudsy’s will decorate their site and tunnel to create a scary and fun atmosphere.

  7. Charity to provide:

    Marketing & Promotion

    • Organization and its members must commit to regularly posting to any and all of their available social media platforms promoting and marketing their event.

    • Organization will receive a digital, print-ready flyer. Organization members can print on any ink jet or laser printer or have printed at your local office supply store. Flyers should be printed and passed out to friends, family, and neighbors, as well as posted at area retailers, grocery stores, community bulletin boards, etc.

    • Each member of the organization must commit to reasonable efforts to spread word-of-mouth about the event and get people to attend the event.

    • Make announcements at any upcoming and appropriate live events.


    • Organization must provide a minimum of five and maximum of ten volunteers, 16 years old or older, on their designated night.

    • Volunteers must be in scary and modest costumes and arrive onsite no later than 5:45 p.m. and must remain onsite until the last car is washed (approximately 9:00 p.m.). Specific duties and positions will be reviewed with the volunteers by a Sudsy’s manager upon their arrival.

    • It is recommended that volunteer staff bring a cooler of water and perhaps snacks for volunteers. Restrooms are available onsite for volunteers.

    • Volunteers must be prepared to work in outside weather conditions as necessary (i.e. check the weather forecast and prepare appropriately for warm, cold, and/or wet/damp conditions, etc.) Sudsy’s manager will make determination if extreme weather will prohibit washing.


    • Charity, at their expense and discretion, may giveaway a pre-approved flyer about the organization, upcoming events, etc. and/or a pre-approved item/tchotchke.

  8. Safety: Sudsy’s staff ONLY will be allowed in the actual car wash tunnel. Sudsy’s team will load vehicles and station one to two staff members in the tunnel to scare guests. Due to insurance and safety, no unpaid Sudsy’s staff is allowed in the car wash tunnel at any time.

  9. Organization Selection: All charity beneficiaries will be selected exclusively by Sudsy’s Car Wash at their discretion.

  10. Agreement & Misc: Selected organization will be required to sign an agreement confirming their understanding and agreement to these terms and conditions following selection.