Good For Your Car... Good For The Environment

Sudsy's is the "greenest", most environmentally friendly way for you to keep your vehicle clean. Not only do we take great care of you and your car, but we strive to take great care of the environment as well! Here's how washing your car at Sudsy's is good for you AND good for our world...

We Use Less Water

We use state-of-the-art technology to recycle approximately 75% of our water.

In a typical driveway or parking lot wash uses 60-140 gallons of water in as little as five minutes. A twenty minute driveway wash can use well over 200 gallons of water! Thanks to the use a state-of-the-art PurWater® Water Recovery Unit, a Sudsy's car wash uses an average of ONLY 23 GALLONS! That's a savings of between 37 and up to 200 gallons of fresh water on EVERY wash!


Typical Wash - 100 gal.

Sudsy's Wash - 23 gal.


We Safely Dispose of Sludge and Contaminants

There's a lot of stuff that can build up on your car - heavy metals, phosphates, motor oil, grease, antifreeze, road grime and other hazardous substances. We separate much of these road pollutants from the car wash wastewater we discharge and have it regularly hauled off to appropriate facilities.

We Keep Pollutants Out of Our Waterways


Once we've removed many of the potentially hazardous substances from the water we use, we recycle about 75% of the water and any wastewater is then released into the sewer treatment system, not the storm water systems, for further cleaning. Driveway and parking lot car wash water goes directly into the storm system and thus to our streams, rivers and lakes. Join us in helping to keep our local waterways - the Harpeth River, Carter's Creek, Duck River and Stone's River - clean!

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: If your organization is considering a charity car wash to raise money, PLEASE consider using one of our fundraising programs rather than a parking lot car wash. While charity car washes have great intentions, they unknowingly are sending tens of thousands of gallons of harsh pollutants into our local streams and rivers through the storm drains. Let us help you accomplish the same goal without the harm to our environment. 

We Use Only Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Detergents

Our specially formulated, environmentally friendly, non-caustic cleaning solutions will get your car sparkling clean, not to mention they are biodegradable and contain no phosphates or caustic solutions. And our car wash equipment delivers the water pressure necessary to rinse away detergent film.

We Support Research and Conservation

We are a proud member of the International Carwash Association WaterSavers!

The WaterSavers® program recognizes professional car washes for water conservation and environmental protection, and is committed to educating consumers about the car wash industry’s environmentally responsible business practices. Visit the WaterSavers® website here.


At Sudsy's, Not Only Are You Doing Something Good For Yourself And Your Car, You're Doing Something Good For The Environment Too!