We're in this together!


No Buckets, No Hoses, More Money!

Part of the core mission of Sudsy's Car Wash is to serve in four distinct ways - we serve our team, our guests, our community and our world. One of the best ways we get to serve our community is by partnering with the many outstanding organizations in our very own backyard through our Sudsy's Serves fundraising programs. Here's how it works:

Voucher Program


Simply sell our Very Best $20 Mighty Duck car wash passes to your constituents, your neighbors, your family and your friends at a 25% discount for ONLY $15 (...this helps makes it an easy sell!) You keep 50% of every sale! We told you it was easy.

+ PLUS as an added BONUS, Sudsy's will make an additional $100 donation for every 100 passes your organization sells.

Example 1:

So if ten people in your organization sell just ten passes each, you'll raise $850:

10 people x 10 passes = 100 passes
100 passes x $15 = $1,500
50% of $1,500 = $750
Sudsy's BONUS for selling 100 passes = extra $100
TOTAL = $850

Example 2:

If twenty people in your organization sell just 15 passes each, you'll raise $2,250:

20 people x 15 passes = 300 passes
300 passes x $15 = $4,500
50% of $4,500 = $2,250
Sudsy's BONUS for selling 300 passes = extra $300
TOTAL = $2,550


Eco-Friendly Fundraising

Did you know that parking lot charity car washes are terrible for the environment?


There's a lot of harmful stuff that can build up on a car - phosphates, motor oil, grease, antifreeze, road grime and other hazardous substances. In a driveway or parking lot car wash all of these elements - plus any caustic soaps and chemicals - go directly into the storm drain system and directly into our streams and rivers. At Sudsy's, we use all eco-friendly, biodegradable cleansers; we recycle 70% of our water; and none of the contaminants go into the storm system - they are all treated. Help us keep our local waterways - the Harpeth River, Carter's Creek, the Duck River and Stone's River - clean!



Auctions, Raffles & Door Prizes


Does your organization have an upcoming event, golf tournament, silent auction or raffle? Contact us and allow us to customize a donation package that's right for your event. We may offer free car wash passes, gift cards, swag, and/or Sudsy's gift basket(s). We'd love to help.