Drive Clean.
Drive Happy.

You know that awesome feeling you get when you’re driving your clean, shiny car on that perfect day and you just can’t help but smile and feel happy! You know the feeling... the one where you roll down your windows, crank your favorite tunes and sing at the top of your lungs like a rock star! Our mission is to help you feel that way everyday by providing a quick, clean, fun car wash experience!

Our mission is that every guest Drive Clean (quality car wash) and Drive Happy (remarkable experience).

Want to be part of our mission?


This section is for the business and brand nerds among us! We love to read about and study this kind of stuff and wanted to make it available for those who were interested. Skip ahead if you're bored!

Our business is built on the framework of putting people first and trying to serve them with a great product and an efficient process. These seven core values serve as our internal engine. 



We believe we are here for a purpose much greater than washing cars! While in the scheme of things a car wash may not be all that important, we expect an experience at Sudsy’s to enhance the lives of our guests and our team.


We believe success is determined first and foremost by God’s grace, secondly through the extraordinary efforts of our team and thirdly at the discretion of our guests. Summed up, we believe success is about relationships.


We believe that to whom much has been given, much will be required. Because our guests have honored us with the privilege of being a successful business, it is our responsibility to be civic-minded, giving back to the community and beyond, and caring for those in need.


We have been entrusted with the care, beauty, and resources of the earth and we desire to leave it in a better condition than how we found it for future generations.


Staying up-to-date and using the latest technology and chemistry will enhance the quality, speed, and environmental impact of each guest’s car wash and experience.


The quality of a brand and product is attractive and creates loyalty. We want our brand to be irresistible and create remarkable word-of-mouth.


Work hard and always do what is right.


Family Owned

Middle Tennessee is Home!

Since opening our first wash in 2009 we have consider our guests as partners in our goal to improve our community and our world. Through this partnership, we created "Sudsy's Serves" as a way to help local charities raise funds and awareness and also donate a portion of our proceeds to help provide clean water for third world countries. Learn more by clicking here.