Site Manager Questionnaire

Congratulations for being chosen from over one-hundred initial candidates as a qualifier candidate for the position of Site Manager for Sudsy’s Car Wash. 
This short questionnaire (approx. ten to twenty minutes to complete) will be reviewed by our hiring team to qualify candidates for the next round of in-person finalist interviews. Please complete each question to the best of your ability and submit the questionnaire at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for your interest and we will be in touch shortly following your submission.
Please answer the following questions. You are welcome to reference our website, including the posted job description at:
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Rate yourself on the following statements based on the following 1-5 scale:
1=Area of weakness; 2=Weak, but making improvement; 3=Average; 4=Strong, but room for improvement; 5=Area of strength
I am driven by excellence and attention to detail *
I am attracted to extraordinary experiences and remarkable brands *
I am energized by people and enjoy relationships *
I have a passion to mentor those around me and see them succeed *
I have a friendly disposition and love to see those around me happy *
I have strong communication skills and enjoy talking with people *
I can sufficiently get around on a computer and general technology *
I enjoy inside AND outside work *
I can engage in compassionate and patient confrontation when necessary *