Unlimited Washes...
Unlimited Happiness!

Wash as much as you want.
No hassles, no contracts, no limits, no kidding!

Save time and save money with the fastest, most convenient way to wash.


Enjoy the benefits of being an exclusive Unlimited Wash Club member. Here are the benefits...

  • Wash as much as you want! Stop worrying about weather forecasts and pesky birds!
  • Save money! The more you wash, the more you save. After just two washes, you're saving money.
  • FREE air freshener every month.
  • 10% OFF car care products and gift cards everyday.
  • No long-term contracts. Cancel whenever you want.

Here's how it works...


#1. Choose a Package.

You can select any one of our five great wash packages:

    (normally $20 per wash)
    Unlimited Wash Club price...
    ONLY $34.99/monthly (or $349.90/annually)
    (normally $18 per wash)
    Unlimited Wash Club price...
    ONLY $29.99/mo (or $299.90/annually)
    (normally $15 per wash)
    Unlimited Wash Club price...
    ONLY $24.99/mo (or $249.90/annually)
    (normally $10 per wash)
    Unlimited Wash Club price...
    ONLY $21.99/mo (or $219.90 annually)
    (normally $6 per wash)
    Unlimited Wash Club price...
    ONLY $17.99/mo (or $179.90 annually)

#2. Get Your FastPass™ Sticker

We will place a FastPass™ tag (a Radio Frequency ID (RFID) sticker about the size of a stick of gum) in the lower left hand corner of your windshield.


#3. Get Clean. Get Dirty. Repeat!

When you visit Sudsy's, your car is automatically recognized and the gate will open you don't even have to roll down your window!


You will be sparkling in about 3-minutes and vacuums, towels and glass cleaners are always FREE to use. And remember, you can wash as much as you want... no kidding!

Purchase a membership today at Sudsy's Car Wash (click here for locations.)

Unlimited Wash Club cannot be combined with any other coupons, programs or discounts. Monthly members can cancel at anytime for any reason. Please stop by one of our locations, or fill out the cancellation form found here. There are no refunds on monthly or annual Unlimited Wash Club memberships.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are a Spring Hill Unlimited Wash Club Member, due to the fire we experienced on November 27th, your membership has been cancelled automatically. There is no need to cancel here. You should have also received a prorated credit on your credit card for any unused portion of your membership between your monthly renewal date (any renewal fee that occurred between October 29th and November 27th) and November 27th (the date of the fire). Click here if you have further questions.